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"THE  BLUE BARN COLLECTIVE is a physical representation of God's heart for His children; an invitation to experience the miracle 

and power of redemptions love." 

-Founder, Vanessa Lizares


The Blue Barn Collective was founded by Logan and Vanessa Lizares. It has now grown to include a partnership with many local churches and community organizations. The Blue Barn Collective is a home where people can come together for the empowerment and equipping of the lost and broken. It's a place where the motherless and fatherless can find family and home. We are dream chasers and breakthrough fighters. We relentlessly and recklessly pursue the physical manifestation of heaven on earth and the fullness of the love of Christ. We live in community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Within community we seek to live life without the boundaries and limitations of fear, doubt, and shame so we can explore the essence and deepest core of who God is. In freedom we enter into the simplicity of childlike creativity beckoning  to be rediscovered. We exists to remind each other of the reality that we are made in Gods image, perfect masterpieces, one of a kind, works of art, loved, destined to walk in courage, boldness, and purpose!


Come take a tour and meet the collective! Tour includes a walkthrough of the property and orientation of the program.
Time is TBD
43254 52nd St W,
43254 52nd St W, Lancaster, CA 93536, USA


COLLECTIVE: The collective provides opportunities for local artists to develop their God given talents. Services provided include, writers workshops designed to help develop their ability to paint pictures with words, art classes focused on connecting the mind and the spirit, worship nights that focus on further discovering the beauty and simplicity of following the voice of God. In addition we also provide a space for local musicians to host house shows and acoustic sessions. Just added and still in the development process is an onsite recording studio available for local musicians. 

THE BLUE BARN FARM INC.: The farm provides our residents direct access to care farming and agricultural experiences that foster wholeness and emotional healing though a Christ lead journey with nature. All the garden projects are planted and cared for by onsite residents and volunteers. Many of the animals we work directly with are in their rehabilitation and have also experienced trauma or neglect. All proceeds raised from the vegetable gardens and from farming is used to provide jobs for the residents and financial assistance for empovirished at risk individuals. 

DISCIPLESHIP and MENTORSHIP: THE BLUE BARN community is a live-in life skill training center focused on learning the truth of the gospel and putting it into practice as a lifestyle. We work directly with other organizations and local churches to get these individuals connected and activated. We cultivate a culture of revivalist that pursue God unashamed and completely surrendered. Residents will journey into the depths of God's love and the power of His redemption as they discover their identity as children of God that walk and live courageously! 

"Whoever finds their life will loose it, and whoever looses their life for my sake will find it"(Matthew 10:38)


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Life at the Blue Barn Collective

Lancaster, CA

See what life is like at the Blue Barn with our official "Day in Life" video with Founder Vanessa Lizares. Learn why and how this project came to be in this short cinematic film.

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Get Involved

  • Day Project Volunteer

  • Internship Program in partnership with the local churches

  • Donate 

  • Sponsor someone 

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