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  • Abigail Rose

The Art Within

For a moment, close your eyes and imagine a life without color, without detail, sound, or any human sense at all. There would be nothing but complete darkness. Art, in every genre, gives purpose to us in this life. Many think that art is just a hobby but there is so much more depth to creativity than that.

Music, painting and drawing, writing, dancing, and so much more...these things give us meaning. Creativity in general is a part of every single person in this world, whether they realize it or not. Throughout the universe the gift of creativity is abounding.

The art in sound is astonishing. Everywhere we go there is music to be heard and played, whether it is man-made or nature’s symphony. The gift of song can heal the pain in the hearts of many. The voices of the wind, and animals, the river and the rain...they give us something to dance to through the trials that life brings.

Books and quotes, poetry and literature, they give us a way of expression to the feelings that reside within. Writing is therapy for the soul, a way to allow our heart to bleed through pen and out onto paper. Sometimes hearing the words of others gives us comfort to describe what we are feeling when we could not find the right things to say.

Painting and drawing are the colors to the soul when nothing else seems to grasp the emotion. The colors and depth of detail in each stroke of the hand, they give us a way to release all of the pain, joy, sadness, and anger that overflows from the caves of our being. Everywhere you look there is a clear sign that there is someone greater than us adding the paint of His love all around the entirety of existence.

We have all been created as a masterpiece of the greatest artist that has ever been. We are all connected through the blood of the artist, through the creativity of His soul which covers every being and plant and star and mass of water. We are all created to create. We are all art.

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