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  • Vanessa Lizares


Lets talk about boxes, borders, lines and divisions. Can our lives be defined by their parameters and limits? Is our existence, our objective reality categorized by neatly stacked boxes? I once found myself surrounded by these walls, their weight towered over me. Their expectations I could not meet. My mind was held captive by their lies and deceit. Yet there was a fire inside me that burned and refused to die. It beckoned to draw outside these lines. 

The flame burned bright to show me the way.

On my journey I came across my long lost friend. His name was Courage. Long ago I traded him for fear and doubt, but today I find myself face to face with Him once again. His beauty and kindness break down my conformity, as He takes me by the hand and leads me down still waters. His peace replaces fear and I find myself covered in the shadow of His glory. No more boxes, this songbird has been set free.

My soul rejoices and is glad and I'm strengthened in this crazy adventure. I take one step after another and find myself further and deeper in His love. I dive head first into the colors of His light and I emerge in reds, and greens, color drip, drip, drip. I am His beautiful mess, confused by wisdom and grace. My mind is filled with words and ideas, chaos with no end. I find myself lost, yet I am found. In His power made strong, but humbled again, completely undone. Now I can run and leave these boxes behind...

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